Video recording software

Video capture software is one of the popular software used to capture streaming videos online. Streaming videos are those videos that we watch online through video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

These video clips do not stay on the computer and cannot watch it offline. So, the whole video is captured by the software and not just the screenshots and saves to the computer hard drive for offline viewing. The videos that are recorded can also be edited.

Video recording software captures the videos to digital videos that can be viewed as normal movie files and are called video streams. This is a more effective way of showing people something than writing it down in text. It is easier to remember what we see.

Latest Trends

Video capture software and the latest trend are rising up in the market gradually. More and more companies are coming up with their own video capturing software and having distinct features. The basic function remains the same as capturing online videos into digital formats.

The videos so captured can be edited to suit your requirements with the program’s built-in editor. It includes recording action onscreen, recording internet broadcasts, or even replaying online PC games. You also can record your webcam activities with the help of this software.

It is been used by almost all industries these days as it is versatile to use. With computers and the internet often been used in normal working these days, the use of this software has become apparent. Companies are trying to develop more advanced features to meet the needs of people.

The Uses of Video Capture Program

The software can record all screen and audio activities of the computer and create videos that can directly be viewed on your computer they are used for demonstration of videos of software programs.

It is used in schools, colleges, and universities to record various online tutorials. Those professionals also use the recording program to capture webinars, Skype conversations, and more. The movie fanatics also use the program to record the live stream movies series, games, etc.

You also can use it for commercial purposes by creating video-based information products like CDs and DVDs. Some of the good recording programs also have a built-in video editor that allows you to customize, cut or trim certain portions of the video as you wish.

While surfing if you come across any interesting videos or software, you can easily capture them if you have this software. If you have to demonstrate or show some video, you can first record it by using video capture software and then show it easily. It is an effective tool to make people understand something.

Where Can You Get It?

There are many places you can get the software like online stores i.e. Amazon or just directly go to the software developer’s official site. Most of the programs are available for free trial as well as a full premium version that required you to purchase.

If you are looking for a free version you can directly download them from the internet. Lots of companies have their own software developer website, their features and functions are mentioned along with the download file for the software. You can download the one which you find most appropriate.

As for the premium or shareware version, they have to be bought from the vendor website. Commonly, you will see the cheaper one-year plan while the lifetime option is more expensive. A certain price is charged for the software and usually they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as lifetime free updates of the software.

Also, as a marketing gimmick these days, the company allows you to download the priced version of their software for a free trial period. Once the trial period (like 7-day) is over, you have to buy it for further use. Also, the trial version often has some limitations like a watermark on the output file, only can capture video for like 5 mins, etc.

The Recommended Video Capture Software

The following are two of the reliable video recorder that we recommend:

  • Camtasia

This is the best streaming video recorder in the market. It packs with a range of useful features to help you capture and create a superior video output. You can use the program to do all kinds of meeting recording, live streaming movies or sports matches, live games, etc.

The software also comes with video editing and sharing features to let you edit the movie files and share them to the social sharing sites if needed. This is a program that definitely you can trust as it also contains library assets that have templates, audios, and images to help you create video faster.

However, this is expensive software and if you want to upgrade to the latest version it’s not free too. For more info, you can visit

  • Movavi Screen Recorder

If you are looking for an affordable price video capture tool, then the Movavi screen recorder can be the best option for you. You can use this software to do video or screen capture, as usual, capturing the game, movie, live tutorials, or webinars as you like.

One of the features to highlight is that you can do schedule recording by setting the date and time limit for recording. Instead of capturing video, you also can just capture the audio, add voice, or capture the face with a webcam.

Besides, you also can do video editing as well as convert the videos to the intended output format. This program is highly recommended as you can get lots of knowledge base online as well as the full support from the developer teams.

Sometimes, you also will see the software is having a special offer. Visit their site for the latest offers or if you need to read the full review, visit here.


Video capture software and the latest trend are been used more and more these days. It makes the work simpler and more interesting. The popularity of the software is evident with the increase in its users.

If you need, we recommend you download the free trial version of the software to test the program. Once you are satisfied with their features and functionalities, go ahead to buy the full version to unlock their full potential.

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