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Sometimes it pays to try out different marketing strategies or make new additions to your strategy list in order to entice new customers into the sales funnel.

Making your website work for you

In this day and age, it is important that you have your website working for you rather than you working for your website. In order to have a fully functioning website, it must be totally user-friendly and be accessible to everyone that is likely to visit it. It must be kept up to date and be current, and to be of any real use at all; it really does need to be easily found.

This can all be a daunting task, especially if you are not sure or do not know what you are doing or anything about SEO. SEO, when carried out well, is a godsend to any business. However, when it is not, it can be like throwing money down the drain.

There are businesses that offer services to improve websites, keep them maintained and up to date, as well as other website support services. By hiring the website support services of a well-established and professional business, you can free up your mind to work on the areas of your business that require your attention while having a professional team take care of all your website needs.

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Vehicle wraps

With many businesses having their own fleet of cars and vans on the roads, it makes sense to utilize the advertising space that is not being used and yet could be viewed by many on a day-to-day basis, whether local to your business or within other states.

By applying vehicle wraps to your business vehicles, you can be advertising your business anywhere and everywhere, whether your vehicles are driving down busy highways or parked on busy streets. Wraps can be applied just to the hood or tailgate or to doors or windows, but the most eye-catching ones are the ones that cover all the bodywork, and advertising can be seen from every angle.

It is important to mention that vehicle wraps do not damage the paintwork of a vehicle, but they are prone to cracking and/or lifting when at the end of their life span, which can differ depending on where the vehicle is kept and the weather that it endures.

Swag, samples, and discounts

Offering your customers good-quality promotional swag items can be a good idea. You only have to look at certain well-known fast-food chains or car insurers to see that people will buy because they get a free gift.

However, go one better than that and give your customers free sample products. By giving smaller versions of that which you are selling can entice your customers to buy the larger item if they like it. You do have to be watchful that you are using your free samples wisely by matching the free sample to customers most likely to buy in order for this to work.

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