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Pitch Lakestar Global Sawers Venturebeat, the collaborative presentation platform for modern teams, has raised an $85 million Series B funding round led by Lakestar Global and Tiger Global. This investment will support Pitch’s growth and momentum over the coming year.

The company is building a publishing and content ecosystem, where top creators can share their work directly to public profile pages.

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Pitch is a collaborative presentation platform for modern teams.

Pitch Lakestar Global Sawers Venturebeat, new collaboration tools are helping modern companies make the most of these trends.

Pitch is an intuitive presentation platform that combines the best parts of productivity, design, and presentation software to help fast-moving teams create beautifully designed decks in minutes. It also helps teams collaborate on presentations effortlessly through smart workflows and a collection of innovative features that enable them to track progress, delegate work, and keep presentations on brand and in sync.

At the heart of Pitch is a unique, built-in live video collaboration feature that empowers teams to collaborate on presentations in real-time and ensure everyone stays on the same page. Powerful integrations with third-party apps and data streams like Google Analytics enable marketing teams to funnel live web performance data into charts and graphs.

To build on this foundation, Pitch is building a publishing and content ecosystem that lets users discover templates crafted by top creators, and publish their own work directly to public profile pages. This is a new way for users to share their work and find inspiration for their next presentation.

This includes new, integrated solutions that enable secure sharing and advanced presentation analytics that give detailed insights into a presentation’s reach and readership, including engagement levels. In addition, Pitch is building a new narrative recording and playback feature for asynchronous communications that will help teams engage across a variety of meeting formats and team workflows.

At launch, Pitch is free for anyone to use and offers a Pro plan that’s $10 per user, per month. The Pro plan includes unlimited presentations, templates, and custom fonts, as well as advanced privacy around folders and customizable permissions. In the future, Pitch will expand its enterprise features to include single sign-on, advanced security, and granular workspace permissions for a wide range of organizations.

Pitch is building a publishing and content ecosystem.

Pitch is not only disrupting the world of powerpoint, it’s also building a publishing and content ecosystem of its own. Founded in Berlin in 2018, Pitch has a team that includes six cofounders who have worked together at Wunderlist, the task management app that was a cult classic and ultimately sold to Microsoft.

Founder Reber says that the company’s focus is on building a product that can last for a long time. That includes focusing on building the right teams and products, as well as developing a culture of openness and collaboration.

The company is also making a bet on its own platform and bringing in the best partners in the business to help them achieve their goals. For instance, Reber and his team are in talks with lakestar global sawers venturebeat, the VC firm that helped spawn Spotify, for funding.

While the pitch is still in development, Reber and his cofounders are taking it slow and steady. They’re shipping new features at regular intervals, and they’re keeping a close eye on their analytics.

For a startup, it’s no secret that the best way to attract attention and users is with a high-quality product. That’s why Pitch is focused on creating a product that can deliver on the promise of a better, faster way to create and deliver presentations.

One of the coolest aspects of this endeavor is that it combines a number of features that have been traditionally siloed into separate platforms. This makes it a single solution for modern teams that want to be able to create and present beautiful decks, all in one place. This is a win-win for everyone involved, as the team is able to streamline the process and save time and effort, while also being able to deliver higher quality work and build more cohesive teams.

Pitch is launching a new platform for content creators.

BERLIN, May 3, 2018— Pitch, the collaborative presentation platform for modern teams, has hit the jackpot with an $85 million Series B round led by Lakestar global sawers venturebeat and joined by existing investors Index Ventures and Thrive Capital. The company cites 125,000 teams and counting on its platform. With an eye towards growth and new product development, the company is putting some thought into the big picture. A new product line called the content hub will allow teams to take a content-first approach to their digital transformation by leveraging a library of templates, curated content and more. The product will be rolled out over the coming months for the lucky few.

Pitch is launching a new ecosystem for investors.

There are a lot of exciting and innovative startups around the country right now. They are making a difference in their communities, the world, and their local ecosystems. But there is one problem: VCs aren’t seeing as many of them procure investment as they once did.

That’s why pitch is launching a new ecosystem for investors, allowing them to find and connect with entrepreneurs who are ready to raise their next round of funding. In the process, they’re helping investors get more deals done and make more money.

Whether it’s an in-person pitch competition or a virtual platform, the way in which you communicate with investors is essential to their decision-making process. Here are four tips to help you deliver a winning presentation:

1. Keep it simple, stupid

The best way to convince investors is to make your pitch as concise as possible. The key is to focus on your solution, the audience you’re targeting, your business model, your marketing conditions, and how the raised capital will be used.

2. Use hand gestures and body language to convey confidence

Using proper hand gestures and body language as you talk can have a huge impact on your pitch’s success, according to MIT Sloan research. It also shows that you are confident in your idea and your ability to execute on it.

3. Build a team that’s ready to go

It’s crucial to invest in your team’s readiness when it comes to presenting. Having a team who is prepared to communicate clearly and effectively will allow your startup to stand out among the crowd.

4. Get feedback and rehearse before the event

The pitch competition process is often an unanticipated, stressful part of the journey for a startup. That’s why it’s important to plan the event in advance and to be sure that it’s running smoothly before, during, and after the event.

5. Provide a high level of support

To ensure that the experience is as impactful as possible for everyone involved, programs need to develop clear and consistent ways of gathering feedback from both investors and judges through curated chats, polls, and/or private deliberations. Having these tools in place can help investors and judges feel more comfortable participating in the virtual pitch competition and offer an opportunity to receive constructive feedback.

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