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SEOMafiya is a Williamsburg Virginia company that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at a reasonable price. We work with businesses to get you the top GoogleBing and Yahoo rankings. Get your business to the next level. We are proud to drive more search results… to you site without the need for expensive tools such as PPC (Pay Per click). We work with small and medium-sized businesses. We offer support to businesses in Williamsburg and Yorktown, Gloucester, Newport News VA, and Gloucester. In this section we will discuss everything about Search Engine Optimization Williamsburg VA. 

What to Expect with SEO [Search Engine Optimization Williamsburg VA]?

Question: Can I expect immediate 1st page positioning?

Answer:?It normally takes from 72 hours to two weeks before the search engines see our changes.?? Often, new domains are placed in what they call “the Sandbox” until search engines discover what your site is about.

Question – What role does my business play in developing a SEO program for our website?
Answer:?EVERYTHING, as we view SEO as a partnership between you and Designs by Rosier, LLC. Bill Rosier and his team need to learn everything about your business, from your target customers to relevant keywords. We also want to know how you use social media such as Facebook, Linked-In, and others.

Question: Is it a one-time thing or is it ongoing?
Answer: Bill and you agree to pay an hourly rate. Only the actual time spent on the website is charged for. No long-term contracts and no monthly fees.

Question – Once you reach the top, will your business remain there
Answer: Everybody is trying to be the best in relevant keywords. So, it is important to update your keywords frequently and fine tune your keywords, but there is no guarantee.

Question:? Is it possible to change my website?
Answer:? Answer: Yes. We will need to make changes in your content, metatags and photo ALT tags as well as page links. We may also modify some page content with your key keywords.

Question:? Is there a charge for the first meeting?
Answer: We will not charge you for meeting with us if we are working with an SEO specialist to make real-time updates to your website.

What’s SEO [Search Engine Optimization Williamsburg VA]?

Search engine optimization refers to strategies, tactics and techniques that are used to increase traffic to a site. This is achieved by getting a high ranking placement on the search results page for a search engine (SERP). Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yahoo.

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