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It is common knowledge that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the most vital digital marketing tools. We can easily judge the importance of SEO because almost every business expert understands its significance of SEO. They also believe that SEO can make or break any business. In today’s competitive market, having adequate SEO knowledge is more important than ever.

Implementing SEO strategies to optimize a website is not rocket science; if you know what you’re doing and what you can do to generate traffic for different websites, you can easily rank any business or website. However, like everything else, Search Engine Optimization also has a catch. Google provides rules every webmaster must follow to rank their website, and sometimes it is not easy to understand them.

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How Google Ranks

Whenever someone searches on Google, the order in which they get the results depends on the complex algorithms made by Google. These algorithms are also known as the search engine ranking factors and are nothing but a set of rules defined by Google that help them decide which webpage to rank at the top. However, the catch that we were talking about earlier is that Google has made sure that this algorithm stays confidential; this way, each webpage gets a fair fight for the top ranking.

But that is not all, as webmasters and digital marketers face another challenge: the Google algorithm updates. Google has a long and famous history of algorithm updates; the developers at Google are constantly making all kinds of tiny updates. It is said that Google is updating its strategies rapidly that it has run more than 600,000 experiments since 2003. Apart from the minor changes, Google also takes some massive steps and makes some significant updates every year; these big updates are also known as the broad core updates

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

You must be thinking about a broad core update; it is nothing but a change in Google’s core or overall ranking system. These core updates are well-thought and are designed to help Google keep delivering on its mission to provide relevant and authentic information to the users. These updates are of such severity that they can drop or gain all kinds of websites.

Whenever a core update is announced, it creates a fuss among business owners and web admins worldwide. Since these core algorithm updates produce such notable effects and can make a webpage drop down in the ranking, it is natural for people to panic. However, Google efficiently controls the panic situation by giving a set of guidelines that anyone can follow and make their webpage rank again.

The May 2022 Google Update

Google has recently made a core update; on May 26th, Google released a much-awaited core update that has been making noise for quite some time. Soon after its release, the update kicked in an upper gear, and we noticed massive volatility in less than 24-hours. However, there are different things that you must know about if you want to bring your webpage to the top this year. Many people start trying outdated ranking methods to get their websites and business back on top; however, these methods take their web pages even further down.

We need to stay current and find out what the May update 2022 has in store.

Things that the May Update 2022 has in store for us

Google’s ever-growing focus on Content 

One thing that Google has always believed in is that content is always the king. If a new update rolls out and you see your website going down, you don’t need to worry as Google provides some handy advice and helps web admins self-assess. Google also has a set of questions that you can answer to self-assess.

These questions help you understand where you lack and clarify what your next SEO strategy should be and how you can provide authentic and valuable content.

Young Website

Another trend noticed after the May 2022 update is that the relatively new website is ranking exceptionally well. The new algorithm looks at the low domain metrics and helps such websites rank better.

The Link Spam Update 

The next one on the list is the link spam update; Google has clearly announced that to improve the quality of searches, they have launched a spam-fighting change, also known as the link spam update.

This update helps identify and deal with link spam on a larger scale. Google has advised web admins and digital marketers to follow all the best practices for inbound and outbound links.

The User Experience Update 

Google has recently started giving more attention to the user experience of a website. However, judging the user interface just by looking is not easy. In that case, you must consider different things such as mobile usability, Ad Experience, HTTP usage, and core web vitals.

Word Count

After the new update, it has also been seen that websites with a word count lower than usual rank higher in the list. A few years ago, this wouldn’t be the case, but now Google has started correlating between word count and rankings. They are giving special attention to this one factor and are constantly making changes according to it.

The Purpose of Your Website

Over the years, Google has released numerous updates; however, in each update, they have made sure that they take measures to make the website welcoming for users. Google clearly states that the webmaster must make the web pages better primarily for users rather than making them better for search engines.

What Now?

If you, too, are reading this right now, then the chances are that you are looking to improve the SEO of your website. Well, you can do this in two ways. The first one is to read more articles like these and do it yourself or Goggle something like “SEO Company near me” and get professional help.

Final Note 

These were some things in store for us after the May 2022 update. However, if you want to ensure that your websites stay on top, then some expert advice would be to take quick action and implement the changes immediately. Another thing that you must remember is that after a new update, things are pretty volatile, and to deal with this situation in the best possible way, you must always stay calm and give the algorithm some time to settle.

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