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Animated explainer videos are a sure-fire way to stand out from your competition. Not only do they give your digital marketing a playful side, but they are also incredibly beneficial allowing you to promote your product or service, tell your company story and much more. In this post, we look at the reasons why your small business should be creating explainer videos.

Your customers are looking for explainer videos

A recent study suggests that over 80 percent of people are more likely to make a purchase decision after watching an explainer video.  Explainer videos are short and snappy and can answer many questions your potential customers have in seconds. Because explainer videos increase the understanding of your viewers, it means they are much more likely to make a purchase after seeing how your product or service can benefit them.

Explainer videos help to tell your company story
Storytelling is one of the most efficient advertising tactics. Not only does it allow your brand to tell their story in a way that your potential customers relate to, but it also helps you evoke an emotional reaction. This means that you can connect better with your customers as a result.

The great thing about animated explainer videos is that they help you do much more than tell your company story. They allow you to go one step beyond and paint the whole picture for them allowing them to fully immerse themselves in your brand. 

Explainer videos make the most boring of topics easy to understand
One of the great things about explainer videos is that they can make the most mundane or complex topics easy to understand and this is because they can help to keep your audience engaged and interested while breaking complex topics down into bite sized chunks. When complex information is broken down in this way and mixed with music, graphics and voice overs, it can make your complex product or ideas stick much more than if they were reading a blog about it. 

Explainer videos are incredibly cost-effective
You might think that creating animated explainer videos would be incredibly costly, but the truth is it’s not! While live action videos and adverts cost a lot due to needing actors, location, hair, make-up etc. animated videos are relatively inexpensive in comparison because:

  • They are produced in-house by a specialist team of graphic designers meaning less overheads
  • They don’t require expensive film sets as everything is done using an app on the computer
  • They are quicker to produce
  • They are more easily adaptable than live-action videos as you can edit them as and when you need to make revisions 

Explainer videos allow you to get creative with your digital marketing
When creating live action video content, you have limitations in place to what you can do whereas with animated explainer videos the world is your oyster. Want to bring your product or services to life using a mouse that talks? Animated explainer videos can do just that. They allow you to create videos in the best way for your brand meaning that you can use your brand colours, fonts and logos to ensure you stay on-brand no matter what. 

Explainer videos can boost your SEO
Videos can help your marketing strategy by boosting your SEO. Because they are fun and engaging, they can generate lots of shares on social media and this can result in plenty of organic backlinks. Quality backlinks can help your site to rank on search engine results pages higher, which results in more click-throughs for your brand.

Additionally, a good, animated explainer video can establish your brand as trustworthy in your field. If you get a lot of clicks on your video, search engines will see this as a reliable source of information and will begin to rank you higher on search engine results pages. In time, this will make people see your brand as an industry leader and they will likely come to you for that information in the future. 

Explainer videos can improve your engagement
Humans love anything vibrant and visual, and we would much rather watch an engaging video about a product or service than read a text-heavy blog about it and therefore video content reigns supreme in digital campaigns.

Videos help your brand to capture attention and stand out from the crowd, and because your audience enjoys it, they will want to watch it fully. If it’s that good, they may even share it with their friends, family or to their own social media pages and this can help improve your engagement rate and drive conversions. 

If you’re a small business owner, animated explainer videos are a sure-fire way to help you get some promotion and drive conversions. They have lots of great benefits and can help to make the most boring of topics interesting. With video marketing set to account for 82% of all internet traffic by the end of the year, it’s vital your business gets involved if you want to remain competitive in a crowded space.

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