Does a real estate investor really need SEO? This is one question we will be looking at in some detail in this article. We will be looking at who a real estate investor is and why such a person could possibly need search engine optimization.

To adequately discuss this topic, we’ll need to answer two important questions – who is a real estate investor and what is SEO? Let’s get right into it.

Who is a Real Estate Investor?

Without complicating issues, a real estate investor is simply someone who invests in real estate. They find viable properties or projects they can invest in and they put their money in it for maximum returns. This pretty much describes a real estate investor.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for the term – Search Engine Optimization. This stands for the different strategies put in places to ensure that a website ranks for a given keyword or set of keywords. When this happens, the website will be among the top search results when visitors search for those keywords.

For example, if the keyword being optimized for is “real estate investment opportunities”, with properly implements SEO strategies, you can get your website to rank among the top results on search engine. So, when anyone searches for “real estate investment opportunities”, your website will be among the top results. The higher up in the result it is, the more visitors will come to your website.

Importance of SEO

To put things in proper perspective, we will look at a few statistics with regards to the internet. According to EarthWeb, the current number of people that use the internet on a daily basis stands at over 5 billion. Where else can you get an aggregation of such number of persons?

Before you get excited about this, there’s more information to go with the above. Competing for the attention of these over 5billion visitors to the internet are approximately 1.5 billion websites. You can get more information on these and more here.

Given the stats shared above, how can a single website stand above the other 1.499billion websites? This is where SEO comes in. Implementing specific search engine optimization strategies presents your website as an authority on a given subject to the search engine bots. So, once the search phrases that relate to your website comes up, your site and others regarded as authorities on that subject are prioritized.

So basically, SEO helps give visibility to your website regardless of what it is about. A Google search for the phrase – “Real Estate Investor” gave 1.1billion search results. This means that there are over 1billion websites competing for this keyword.

So does a real estate investor need SEO? The simple answer is a resounding Yes!


How to Effectively Implement SEO Strategies

The algorithm for search engine optimization is always changing and this necessitates quick responses from webmasters and SEO service providers. That said, there are basic things that will remain relevant for any website that wants to be optimized for search results.

In this section, we shall look at some of the major things that every website has to implement to ensure proper optimization. These strategies will be broken into two segments – on-site and off-site strategies.

On-Site SEO

This describes all strategies effected on the website as part of the optimization process. This forms the very first part of the entire process and the base from which all other efforts will proceed.

Examples of on-site SEO include:

  • Content Quality – Every visitor to your website is supposed to leave feeling that they got value from the webpage. This is usually measured by how long the visitor spends on the page. The longer a visitor spends on a given page or multiple pages, the better for you.
  • UI and UX – Your User Interface and User Experience are two critically intertwined factors to be considered. User Interface refers to the ease with which visitors interact with your page. This is made possible through a well-laid out navigation system. User Experience stems from both the UI and content on the page. It basically describes how well visitors receive your website.
  • Load Time – A webpage that loads slowly impacts negatively on your UX. In fact, many users will simply abandon a page that does not load quickly. If this happens often, the search bots will consider this to be a sign that your site does not offer value to its visitors and it will be ranked low.
  • Links – Ideally, you should have links pointing to internal pages and external websites. A combination of these is required to boost your site’s credibility.
  • Improve Tags and Descriptions – If your website comes up among the top search results, whether or not visitors will click on your website will depend on your title tag and meta description. A title tag and description that attracts the searcher should be used.
  • Responsiveness – People will be visiting your website using different devices. To ensure that they have a great UX regardless of the device they use, your site must be responsive. This is an important requirement for any site that will do well in today’s highly competitive search market.

The above are just a few examples of on-site search engine optimization practices that should be implemented.

Off-site SEO

This covers every activity you engage in to market your website. This will often revolve around link building. Some of the ways this can be done include the following:

  • Guest posting
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Blog/Link outreach campaigns and more.

Both on-site and off-site activities have to be combined to achieve the best result. You cannot do one and leave the other and expect optimal outcomes.

How to Get Started

Truth be told, Search Engine Optimization can be difficult to understand. While the basics may remain constant, there are frequent algorithm changes that can throw off a once ranking site. This is why many companies simply prefer to hire professionals who can stay on top of these changes. You can visit: to know about such professionals especially with regard to how they can best serve real estate investors.

By working with professionals, you won’t have to worry about meeting the different requirements listed above. You will simply set a target and watch them meet it for you.


In this article, we’ve shown how important SEO is to anyone who does any kind of business that requires customers or clients. This includes real estate investors. By perfecting your SEO strategies, you will significantly improve your business’ success rate.

To get started immediately and begin to get results in the shortest possible time, employ the services of professionals. This will eliminate the learning curve which can be steep, allowing you to simply move on to enjoying the many benefits that an optimized website will offer you.

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