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Why Node.js Is So Popular In the Web Dev Industry

Only 11 years ago, Node.js saw the light of the day. But, even after such a short period, it is a framework favored by the majority of experts for developing their web application projects. Huge brands like Uber, NASA, and Walmart have Node.js to thank for the flexibility and functionality of their web applications. Moreover, the plethora of benefits it brings to the table is an undeniable reason why this framework is used today now more than ever. Let’s take a closer look. 

What is Node.JS?

Node.js is a framework used for executing JavaScript code in the back-end. In 2009, the creator of Node.js, Ryan Dahl, directed JavaScript outside of a browser. He embedded it inside a C++ program and gave it the name Node. Today, Node.js runs on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. It rose to its fame because it introduced a lot of innovative thinking and a different approach for JavaScript server-side development.  

How are Node.JS and JavaScript Related?

Node.js is considered a cross-platform and open-source environment for javaScript that enables running JavaScript outside of a browser. However, to thoroughly learn Node.js, one needs to learn how to write codes in JavaScript as well. This should mainly concern the CTOs looking for Node js developers for hire since the developers’ skill set is vital to the project. And this skill set must include an excellent knowledge of JavaScript apart from Node.js. 

Advantages of Node.JS

Like any other framework, so does the Node.JS framework have its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages prevail, which only supports the fact that it is a popular solution for many back-end developers building web applications. Here they are.

  • Less coding, accomplishing more with the asynchronous I/O
  • Very fast JavaScript code execution thanks to Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine
  • Enables scalability in networked apps
  • A huge community of developers that can support and provide feedback any time
  • Real-time communication managed by the loop
  • Lots of tools that improve the app’s readiness and performance

Disadvantages of Node.JS

Of course, as mentioned above, there are disadvantages to the framework. Even though they don’t have a deciding factor influence, it is good to know what is not that great about the framework. 

  • The API of Node.JS changes often, and those changes are sometimes backward-incompatible
  • Node.JS developers need to write their codes from scratch
  • No support of multi-threaded programming 
  • There are a large number of packages in the npm registry, and many of them are of poor quality.

Benefits of Node.JS

Taking the advantages and disadvantages of Node.js into consideration and putting them on a scale to weigh the outcome, here are the results in the form of benefits of this framework. 

Single-threaded and Event-driven

This means that Node.JS handles a heavy load of work perfectly. At the same time, it can manage a large number of parallel connections and remain fast thanks to its non-blocking I/O nature. All in all, with Node.js, you get the ideal framework with all the tools you need in one place. 

Huge Community

A vast and vibrant community is the community of Node.js developers. A solution to any problem can be found easily while being discussed online with fellow Node.js colleagues.

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Also, there is a vast number of resources and libraries from which one can learn and improve their Node.js skills, and just imagine, with a single npm install command, you can get access to a vast set of ready-to-use libraries. 

Many Solutions for Node.JS Deployment

There are many platforms to use on which you can deploy the Node.JS framework. Some of them are Glitch, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Also, it can be used for developing a various range of web dev projects, including web apps, single-page apps, APIs, chats/RTAs, dashboards, etc. 

To Sum Up

Node.js is a popular framework that has been attracting back-end developers for 11 years now. It has a plethora of advantages and a few disadvantages but taking everything into consideration; it brings fantastic benefits to the table. That is why CTOs usually go for this framework as a solution for their web app project and are in constant pursuit of hiring node.js developers. 

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