Google Chrome is a Google-designed web browser used to surf the Internet. As of September 2022, the web browser occupies more than 65% market share. Since the browser is cross-platform, it runs seamlessly across Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other operating systems. But while it comes preloaded with Windows and Android, the same is not valid for Apple products.

However, Mac users often wonder how to get Chrome on Mac and iPhone. The steps are simple:

  • Open Safari or any other web browser you are using
  • Navigate to
  • Click Download Chrome for Mac
  • Agree to the Terms of Use by clicking Accept and then clicking Install
  • When the file is downloaded, open the file called googlechrome.dmg and follow the installation process
  • Launch Google Chrome straight from the Dock or Applications

Why use Google Chrome?

There are several web browsers like Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. But most users prefer Chrome, and with good reason. Here’s why you must also consider using Chrome to surf the Internet.

  • Customization options

Chrome offers extensive personalization options to help users make the browser their own. You can choose from attractive themes and backgrounds to make your browser appear attractive and unique. You can even create your own themes.

  • Enhanced privacy and security

Chrome comes with in-built phishing and malware protection. In addition, its safe browsing technology shows users a warning message when they visit a suspicious website. Also, Chrome updates automatically, so users always use the latest version.

The browser allows users to control their private information when browsing online. For example, you can use the incognito mode to browse the web when you don’t wish the downloads and site visits to be recorded. It also does not keep cookies.

The privacy preferences can be controlled by choosing Settings > Show advanced settings. Then, you can change the Privacy section and clear your browsing data.

  • Minimalism and simple navigation

Chrome is a simple and clean web browser. The multi-tabbed and Omnibox browsing make navigating the Internet a breeze.

Even if you close Chrome, the browser will remember the open tabs so you can continue from where you left off. The browser even comes with an in-built PDF viewer. So, you don’t need to install any software to view PDF files.

  • Speed

Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers. The browser loads multiple tabs, web pages, and apps with just a click. In addition, it is fitted with V8, a powerful and speedy JavaScript engine.

The browser also loads web pages faster by using the WebKit open-source rendering engine.

  • Multiple sign-ins

Are you sharing your computer with multiple people? You can add multiple users to separate your extensions, apps, and bookmarks. Once you are signed in, any changes made on one device will be synced everywhere in the Chrome browser.

  • Dedicated store for useful applications

Chrome is one of the first web browsers to have a store for purchasing apps to ensure users get an enriched user experience. In addition, the web store has many exciting things designed to make things easy for you.

There is also a wide range of extensions that you can add to Chrome as per your needs. Some can help to block ads, while others can track your usage. Peruse the web store to find applications that might help you to finish your tasks quicker.

  • Quick updates

Web browsers must have better compatibility because websites are made using the latest technologies. Also, websites carrying data are increasing day by day. In those terms, Chrome stands out from the rest. In addition, the browser rolls out updates as quickly as possible and, sometimes, before anyone else.

The updates ensure users will have a smooth experience surfing the web. Although updates come to other browsers too, they arrive a bit late.

  • Extensions and add-ons

Regarding supporting extensions, Chrome was one of the first browsers to do so. Later, it became a marketplace where users could make extensions and sell them. Other web browsers don’t have this feature because their goal is to let users browse the web. Chrome has emerged as more than a web browser where users can purchase apps and find extensions to make it easier to finish their tasks online. Some of the most amazing extensions you can find in Chrome are AdBlock Plus for blocking ads or pop-ups, Grammarly for fine-tuning writing, Pocket to save links for offline reading, Google Hangouts for chat, Alexa to check Alexa rank, etc.

The Bottom Line

These are some significant reasons you must consider using Google Chrome immediately. It is a great browser and can be your window to the Internet world. But Mac users may want to exercise caution because Chrome is known to consume a lot more system resources than Safari.

By addison