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PMP examination is organized by the American Project Management Association (PMI) to strictly evaluate whether the knowledge and skills of project management personnel have high-quality qualification examination. In some large domestic enterprises, PMP certification has become a necessary qualification for “project manager”. Some enterprises recruit project management related positions, indicating that PMP certificate is preferred. How to pass the PMP test? The following is the preparation for the PMP Exam Preparation, which will teach you how to study more effectively and help you pass the exam successfully.

What preparations do you need to make to successfully pass the PMP Exam?

First, It Needs to Be Completed During the Preparation Period.

1. A manual of PMBOK (Sixth Edition) is needed;

2. Take a rough look at the first time, watch the video at the same time, and then read each knowledge point carefully in the process of doing the questions;

3. Do a good job of preview before each class, mark the doubts, put forward in class, and listen to the teacher’s explanation;

4. Do a good job of timely review after each class, carefully sort out the knowledge points, combined with the teacher’s online live video recording, digest, absorb and consolidate the knowledge points, and transform the short-term memory in the classroom into long-term memory through continuous review. And complete each chapter exercises.

5. SPOTO PMP dumps should be completed at least once, and the correct rate should be counted to overcome the shortcomings one by one.

6. After the PMP model test, do a good job in the analysis of the test paper, find the knowledge points corresponding to the wrong questions, understand and practice repeatedly until you master them.

7. Constantly summarize, repeatedly remember, build up confidence, persist, persist and persist again.

Second, Preparation for the PMP Certification Examination in Three Steps.

1. Knowledge preparation: read through the textbooks, review the knowledge points carefully, define the knowledge framework, and the accuracy rate of the model test questions before the examination reaches 90%;

2. Mental preparation: clear the goal, have confidence, and do not worry;

3. Energy preparation: arrange the review and rest time before the examination scientifically, adjust the preparation state to the best in the week of the examination.

Third, “Skillful” Arrangement Seven Days Before the Examination.

1. The first three days of carding period: it is suggested to read the PMBOK guide again in combination with the knowledge points of the model test, focusing on memorizing ITTO;

2. Middle three-day simulation period: it is suggested that candidates should arrange simulation training according to the test schedule. Do a complete set of simulated test questions within a limited time each time, carefully understand the knowledge points involved in memory, and then recite ITTO, so as to adjust the examination state and physiological excitement points to the best state.

3. Last day adjustment period: on the last day before the exam, check and fill the gaps, relax and be confident.

Fourth,Priority of Review Materials.

1. PMBOK guide, SPOTO PMP handout and the sixth edition of PMBOK Guide (2018 Edition). (PMBOK guide should be read through at least 2-3 times and intensive reading once before the test. Intensive reading means to mark the key points in the book or arrange the reading notes. It is recommended to read through once before intensive reading.)

2. Ten sets of model test questions on SPOTO platform. (carefully combed more than once before the test, and the accuracy rate of the final model test reached more than 90%)

3. ITTO (input and output) should be at least handwritten once before reciting. Recitation can refer to the process of “data flow chart” memory, supplemented by the model test knowledge summary. Knowledge is more comprehensive, for the examination review is extremely useful!!

4. Auxiliary Learning Tools or Materials.

5. Homework. (Do the Usual Exercises with Reading)

To add a few sentences or give some advice. We can also exchange some learning materials on hand, share our learning status and experience, and convey our happy mood and optimistic attitude. Here you are not learning alone, and you are not simply repeating.

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