Rhea Chakraborty

Hey! Friends hope you all doing fine, as the quarantine time is over now. Now the life going back to its track as previous and this helpless time of global pandemic also will disappear soon. During this lockdown time we all spent most our time indoor and in internet surfing. There were many misshaping happens that shook the nation as well as the World. Many topics were related to globe and few were within country region. An Indian celebrity is in the heat now who is in news now, the name is not unknown now. Yes, we are talking about Rhea Chakraborty who is the current new sensation topic. There are many facts and data such as videos, apps that are revealing more about her. In the below article, we are going to discuss about one of the popular selfie apps which was used by Rhea.

The app used by the Rhea Chakraborty

As the world is moving towards the digital era there are many new things are taking place. Selfie is the word which is now familiar to all and there is huge craze of taking selfies and get posted them on all social media platforms to get likes and comments. SnapChat is one of the apps which is used tremendously popular for selfies, live chat and group chat.

It is the quick or you can say a fun way to share the short videos and photos with your friends. Rhea also used this a lot, as she loves to gain attention and more likes & comments. She, also posted her photos on her all social media accounts; she shares videos as well.  The app has a quick camera which takes selfies within a second and shared that in just a blink of an eye.

Know more about SnapChat

It is the most famous multimedia messaging app which is used globally. The fundamental use of this app to exchange videos and pictures which is also be called snaps, this is where the name of the app came from. Snaps =pictures, user used it share pictures and for cha, so it is called SnapChat. There are many filter options are there for live chat and for taking pictures, you can choose as many as you like and as much you like.  It also had filter lenses, more filters and other effects as well which you can share with your friends.

SnapChat’s primary goal is of taking pictures, recording short videos and share them among the friends. These messages and pictures are only available for short period until the recipient received them. Once the recipient saw the shared pics and videos will disappeared automatically. It’s the only issue with this app users complain about but you can save the taken picture direct to your gallery.

Let’s know about Features of SnapChat

  1. Snap: You can take beautiful and unlimited photos whenever required and can directly share them via social media handlers.
  2. Filters: unlimited filters options are there to make your photos more attractive and eye catchy.
  3. Lenses: you can set the lenses as wide as you need and the quality of the picture remain same and doesn’t make images blurry.
  4. SnapStreak: when you and your friend share Snap with each other within 24 hours for three consecutive days, that is consider as snapstreak. Chats do not count as Snapstreaks.
  5. SnapCode: at the time of app installation each user is assigned an account Snapcode which are unique QR-style codes that you can scan to add friends or access features and content on Snapchat.

There are few more features the consists with such as GeoFilter, Context Card and lot more. For more information connect with us via our website.