You all must be familiar to the brand Microsoft as established it name in the market by giving awesome software packages & amazing productivity products. Microsoft’s one of the popular software package is Microsoft Outlook which is a mailing platform and specifically a client-based software package used for mail exchange in big organizations and businesses as well as for individuals.

Outlook is a personal management software which works absolutely fine while accessing and monitoring mail accounts of the individual’s emails records. It is suitable for both bigger and small organizations, it can be purchased and used only for clients. It’s entirely depends on the need of users which kind of MS Outlook account and how many accounts the user is accessing.

As all humans can’t be perfect so as the application made by human beings. Few platforms (especially those require internet to access accounts or to use that particular app) are prompt to errors, not because they are built with it but they are generally prompted by the user. Every computer user is not computer savvy and not well aware or not know much about that what they are looking. These kinds of situations will lead to them few scenario which they can’t resolve quickly.

Well! Few situations can cause a serious problem which takes much time to get rid of them. These errors which may occur while using your Outlook account sounds complex & difficult to resolve but it can be resolved, user can also resolve errors by performing simple troubleshooting steps. Bugs are usually appearing while Outlook isn’t working efficiently. Error simply indicate some Mel-function in the application or current status of the app which is not working properly.

While accessing your MS Outlook mails or checking your Outlook console, if your screen shows errors which are completely unknown to you and you are wondering what is it? Well there must be some serious cause behind it or some technical glitch which require serious attention for timely recovery. You just have to check for the reason behind it and methods to solve them then buddy this guide is for you.

There are various bugs and error codes in Microsoft Outlook that may appear while accessing and using your account one of the common errors. In the below guide I’m going to mention all those common bugs that user may encounter while accessing their Outlook mail accounts and how you can by yourself solve those errors.

If you are also using Microsoft Outlook and facing trouble while accessing your account since the screen is showing errors again and again. Well to get the relevant answer you each at the right spot. You will get to know all thin information about in the below article.

The below mention guide consists with steps to resolve such kind of bugs and unravel from these blunders. Without any further delay let’s get started!!!

A list of few common bugs in Microsoft Outlook

Let’s go through the article and discover more information about the bugs and errors in MS Outlook. As there are many bugs in outlook but few are reported the most and I’m going to explain about those first and will tell about the rest later.

Below are few common reported errors in Outlook: –




Since the error recovery can take time to resolve. But one can also solve these errors by following few simple and basic steps all you need to perform accurately.

Let’s know more about these errors


As we already said that few platforms specially those contains large data files and solid backup such as outlook are prompt to bugs. Before getting know about this bug let’s first know about what is PII?

Well! PII stands for Personally Identifiable Information. This kind of information related to data directly particularly for an individual who can self-recognized and describe about the cause behind the error. Due to this property this error can be resolved by oneself.

When a user filled out wrong values in the given string tabs like- age, salary, contact number, social security number etc, this error shows on screen. All you have to perform few steps to remove it and it will disappear.

How you can remove [pii_email_027301e7af80ce24cbce] error from Outlook?

  1. Open the browser you are using, clear all cache and cookies.
  2. Open Windows Troubleshooting wizard and perform actions as it suggests.
  3. Uninstall your previous Outlook application and re-install it again.
  4. Once the setup installed click on Finish
  5. Again, open the browser and access Outlook app


Big businesses or organization’s per day operations and tasks demand a continuous flow of communication such as -staff queries, sales requests, managing multiple accounts, etc. Due to using multiple accounts at the same time may occasionally confront you with the error codes like [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f], it usually means your Outlook isn’t functioning properly and there is some issue which needs to resolve soon.

In such situations we have to attempt the very best way of resolving the malfunction while obtaining the MS Outlook.

How to resolve [pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f] in Outlook?

Below, we are mentioning what’s the right remedy to prevent such error code in Outlook mailing platform.  we are only revealing easiest procedures which works out better in this matter.

  1. Clear all temporary files from your PC.
  2. Open your Outlook app and check for newer update
  3. If found any new update, then replace that update from the newer one.
  4. Check for the multiple accounts, you might be using multiple mail accounts in a same browser.
  5. Use a single account in a single browser at a time
  6. Always clear cache and cookies before opening your Outlook account.


While accessing mail via Microsoft Outlook and we are in the middle of writing or sending an important email but suddenly the screen displays an error code like [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea], it just pops up blocking you sending the important email. In such scenario we have no clue about it and how to tackle such errors, especially when we aren’t tech-savvy this will lead us to troubles sending and receiving emails.

To get rid of such bugs and remove it asap you need to execute few troubleshooting steps as the Microsoft Troubleshooting wizard suggest you. It is necessary that you know the causes behind such bugs and appropriate ways to fix it so that you can also make sure it doesn’t happen again and again.

How to fix [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea], bug in MS Outlook?

  1. Use a single account at a time, as the same browser doesn’t support multiple outlook accounts at the same time.
  2. Clear old cookies and cache from the browser, each time you access your account.
  3. Open Microsoft Troubleshooting centre and perform the steps as wizard suggest.
  4. Re-install Outlook application by removing old one.
  5. Upgrade your Outlook software and install the latest version.

Final Thought

When your Microsoft Outlook application encounter with above described errors and it won’t work properly and cause more troubles. All you have to execute proper technique to resolve the error as soon as possible. Such scenario, may lead you to windows corrupt or system corrupt. To execute such tasks, you don’t have to stand in long queue in any technician shop or don’t need to call to the customer care just have to perform few troubleshooting steps and the solution is yours.  Just perform the above mention steps you will never face such cause again.

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