Human beings make mistakes, and that is okay. But bloopers can be devastating if there is money involved. What if you lose considerable money in a single wrong choice in cricket betting? The point is you have to be careful about all the moves you make when betting on any sport. Even if you are looking forward to betting on the upcoming world cup matches, you must be prudent about the mistakes that may derail your betting ventures.

Cricket is one game that everyone feels for, especially in India. Unfortunately, cricket fans think they know everything about it and can do well in this sport. But this is one thing that should not be in your mind if you are going to bet. Come on; this mindset leads to stupid and lucrative mistakes. So, having said so, this post is going to get you a quick idea about the critical mistakes that you must avoid when doing cricket betting.

Don’t think that you cannot go wrong 

Most people have the tendency to think that they are right. Of course, there are times when you are right, but it does not mean you claim to be right always. If you have the mindset that you cannot go wrong, you may be digging your grave in cricket betting. You need to be considerate about all the mistakes that you made in the past and accordingly improve your game. Once you the acceptance that you can also go wrong with betting, you will be wiser enough to think twice before you place a bet.

Don’t be entirely dependent on your gut feeling 

Ah, at times, it is a risky situation because your gut feeling confuses you and plays tricks on you. In case you have a bunch that the bet you are going to place will pull you towards a big hit, it could turn out to be the opposite. Hence, you lose your money. So the more research you do, the better it makes you confident about a specific game, yet not to a particular degree where you place a considerable amount. It can become dangerous as the odds are not always on your side.

Skipping research before betting  

When you are betting on any cricket match, the more you do research, the more you get nearer to your victory. It helps when you know about the cricket team, the players, the coach they have, whether or not there is any home ground advantage, what happened or not once they faced the last team they were playing and how they have presently performed. It would help if you kept yourself informed about any injuries or changes made to a team’s line-up that impact mortality.

Alter your unit size

Gambling is always linked with your finances. If you feel that you can bet and always earn, then you are wrong. There are always times that you may lose and that is fine. But what not fine is you altering your unit size. Just because you have lost a few bets, it does not mean you will become aggressive and start making bigger bets to cover the loss. Come on, sometimes, the day is not yours, and that is fine. Sometimes, people place bets of double and triple amounts right after they lost a bet. This could be dangerous, and it may end up with more losses than any sort of gains.

Don’t rely on the latest trends 

Most people often get to feel that they will earn a great win if they follow the fresh cricket betting trends and strategies. The older strategies, though, have not really gone out of fashion and are the ones that experts have tried and tested numerous times to prove efficiency. It can be witnessed that old strategies have been the path to win for years now and new strategies may not be your bridge to win. The point is simple, if you feel that a specific strategy is new in the field and hence, its probability of going right is even more, then you are mistaken. You must be thoughtful about the strategies or trends you follow when betting. After all, it makes a great impact on your overall bets when you follow something that is not really reliable.

Keep your hopes tamed. 

Before you venture in the realm of betting, you have to know the working of odds. It is like doing your homework and proper revision before your exam. What is the point if you are simply thinking that you are going to be right and, without thinking much you place your next bet? Come on, betting does not work on hopes, it works on smart work and understanding of everything.

To be hopeful is good, but to be only hopeful is not a great practice. In other words, you have to keep all the things in mind when you bet on any player, team or match as a whole. You have to be sure that you understand the game well. Once you have a good balance between your strategies and then hope; you can go a long way.

Many people may be there in your social circle who tell you about the impressive and great wins they tasted in cricket betting. Well, it is good that they earned well. but you know, you should not get too hopeful right away after listening to their tales. Nobody tells about the losses they experienced. People mostly talk about the wins only to show off and all. So, you do your homework, practice, learn the art of betting, hone your skills and do proper analysis of everything before you bet. Once you understand what you are going to bet and why; you can find cash falling on your side!


To sum up, when you stay watchful about the mistakes that the punters have made in the past, and often people make; you stay informed. These mistakes tell you what exactly you don’t have to do. Escaping the mistakes is the best thing you can do for cricket betting ventures.

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