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When creating affiliate relationships, the first step is finding the right prospects. But, even once they have been found, the question arises as to how these prospects are to be converted into partnered affiliates. Establishing affiliate relationships can feel difficult. Yet it can be made easier, whether by joining an affiliate network or following some simple affiliate recruiting steps. With some due diligence planning and an excellent outreach program, you can effectively entice prospective affiliates to become partnered within your preferred affiliate network.

Enticing Customers to Join Your Affiliate Network

When creating your affiliate network, it’s in your best interest to rely on people who are already familiar with your business. To make it simple, you should reach out to existing customers of your business. These people would make excellent affiliates, as they are already acquainted with your brand, tone, and products. Moreover, they’ll be able to speak about your business and products with authority versus someone just finding out about your brand.

Supporting Strong Customer Relationships

One of the foremost ways to find and secure quality affiliates is by supporting strong customer relationships. Fostered by fantastic customer service standards, you can entice considerable affiliates by giving your customers an experience that makes their lives better. Promoted by your products, website, and brand, you can instill a fruitful experience that will stick with your customers—one that allows them to place their complete trust in your services. By offering them high-quality products, a well-formatted site, and personable customer service, you’re providing potential affiliates with positive characteristics sure to reflect fairly on your company. Through this, you can give prospective affiliates a reason to continue returning to your brand, furthering their likelihood of becoming a partnered affiliate.

Approaching Trusted and Loyal Customers

Just as you should be providing customers with the best experience you can, you should also be looking for the right candidates to join your affiliate network. While it can prove beneficial to go about searching the internet for influencers whose content niche coincides with your own, you should first start off with your most loyal customers. The advantage to relying on long-term customers is two-fold: You’ll be employing someone who already understands your brand and its products, all while likely having a great respect for what your company does; and, due to them being a loyal customer, it’s more likely that they’ll want to become an affiliate for your business.

Loyal customers are a great pool to choose from as they will already be aware of the services and knowledge your brand provides. While some onboarding will still be required, you’ll be able to employ a partnered affiliate who is acquainted with your brand and able to speak about it emotionally. Furthermore, your base of loyal customers will provide you with a great leaping-off point, where you can sift through a collective pool of possible affiliates to find the best candidates before searching elsewhere on the internet. Through this, you can construct a formidable, worthwhile base of partnered affiliates that will allow you to fine-tune your network prior to expanding it even further.

Emboldening Your Affiliate Relationship

You’re not done once you secure a few affiliates. Although your affiliates will be off to work on their own, you should still take the reins to give them the necessary attention they deserve. This means fostering your relationship, along with supporting the morale of your affiliates as they promote your business. To give your affiliates the best relationship and keep them around, you should do what you can to provide them with a great experience, from signing them on as an affiliate to having them get paid their commissions for each conversion.  

Having a Page Dedicated to Your Affiliate Network

To keep affiliates around, you should provide them with the means of success. While some affiliates will be keen to create their own content and manage their own social media accounts as they see fit, you should still offer them a guiding hand in case it is ever wanted.

To provide them with some guidance, you should consider creating a webpage dedicated for use by your affiliates. Often provided as a feature within some affiliate network platforms, you can have a community page solely set aside for your partnered affiliates, where they can communicate with one another and openly ask questions of you. Having such a space is one of the many key ways you can reinforce positive affiliate relationships.

Making the Affiliate Relationship Easy to Be a Part Of

When it comes to marketing relationships, complications can arise easily. For prospective affiliates, early complications are a sign that a brand should be avoided. To secure partnered affiliates, do everything you can to make the affiliate relationships as easy as possible. Affiliates should never feel stressed due to being a part of your network. Give them the tools to promote your products, pay them on time, and provide them with support whenever necessary.

Your Affiliate Network Will Work for Everyone Involved

While it’s in your best interest to target loyal customers to become partnered affiliates, not every one of them will want to do so. You should remain relaxed when looking to sign partnered affiliates, working with those who are interested and thanking those who are not for their time and brand loyalty. There’s no perfect way to secure partnered affiliates but, with some attentiveness and consideration, you can entice the right candidates to become partnered with your affiliate network

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