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It’s understandable to have doubts regarding the services offered by an SEO agency. Asking questions is necessary to guarantee the results. There might be several options, but not all of them are trustworthy. If doubts are surrounding the services offered by these agencies, the company should get an answer first. Once the partnership commenced, everything is clear. Working with an SEO agency Toronto is an excellent idea for businesses targeting audiences in the area. The expertise of the people working for the agency can transform the business. Before finalizing the partnership, here are ten doubts to clarify. 

1. Services included 

SEO services refer to a wide range of services under the umbrella of online marketing. It may include web design, reputation management, keyword management, content creation, and many others. It helps to clarify first the services included. 

2. Expertise in SEO

While these agencies can provide different services, some of them have limited offers. The company should decide if it will work with agencies offering a diverse portfolio or agencies specializing in one or two specific services. It depends on what the company wants to achieve. If it chose the latter, it should be clear that the agency is an unquestionable expert in providing the specified services. 

3. Cost of services

Compare the cost first before choosing the SEO agency. However, be careful not to work with the cheapest option available. Just because the services are cheap doesn’t mean they’re worth getting. Some agencies cost more because they offer better quality services. Delve into the specifics too. The cost might be higher since it includes more services. The business will get more out of the higher price. 

4. Previous clients who worked with the SEO agency 

If there are doubts regarding the services offered by the agency, the best strategy is to look at previous clients. If there are established companies who worked with the agency before, it’s a positive sign. It’s even better if they left glowing reviews. It shows how satisfied they were with the services received. Check the popularity of these companies to determine if the campaigns before led to excellent results. 

5. Content samples

Content remains critical in the effort to do well in online marketing. It’s all about the information given to the target audiences. If they appreciate the content, there’s an increased chance they will buy the products and services. Hence, it makes sense to look at sample content to determine if the agency is capable of doing a superb job. It should be well-researched and organized. There must be no mistakes, and it should be easy to understand. If previous content samples didn’t look convincing, consider other agencies. 

6. Understanding of online marketing changes

SEO is a constantly evolving field. The strategies that worked before might be obsolete now. The chosen agency should know what these changes are, and they need to have strategies to keep up. Failure to analyze the changes will put the business at a disadvantage. It will continue using tactics that won’t yield positive results. 

7. Strategies to satisfy human readers

There’s nothing wrong with working with SEO agencies if the goal is to have an edge in technical SEO. Writing for regular purposes is different from SEO writing. However, it becomes a problem when there’s too much emphasis on the technical aspect, and the content no longer appeals to human readers. There should be no doubt that the agency prioritizes human readers while crafting the content. If the samples don’t seem to give off that feeling, it’s a problem. 

8. Specific targets

Ask the agency about specific services. If the goal is to produce quality content, ask how many posts there will be in a month. If the agency can create videos, ask how many videos they can give and how long for each video. For the metrics, being specific is also necessary. Ask the bounce rate reduction the agency can promise. Include the percentage of organic traffic increase. If the agency couldn’t provide a specific figure, there will be no barometer of success. It’s difficult to know if the partnership was worth it.

9. Communication channels

How will the agency communicate results? Are there specific individuals who will be in charge of a project? How often will the company receive updates? These are critical questions to ask to ensure that the business remains updated. 

10. Business participation 

It helps to have a partner agency to take the burden off of the business. However, it’s crucial to have input. Ask how involved the company would be in the process. While the agency is responsible for bringing results, the business should have a say in major decisions.

After clarifying these details, it’s time to narrow the list and finalize the partnership. Hopefully, it leads to quality results, and the company can achieve its targets.

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