Android devices are simple and straightforward, allowing users to skip technical hurdles and make use of the device easily.

They can cater to all your needs ranging from gaming, graphing designing, studies, or work-related tasks performed on various office programs.

The availability of some of the best office programs for android tablet means most users can now replace their laptops with these tablets. These apps allow users to increase productivity and work remotely due to the portability of the device.

Given the current WFH situation, being able to work on the go has become crucial. Hence more and more people are purchasing easy to use devices for office work. This article can help you choose which office program to use and how to run them on your android tablet.

But before we get into it, if you’re a new android user, you must have a Google ID to download apps from Google Play. Without this basic step, you can’t run any of the best Office programs on your tablet

Microsoft Office – The Most Needed Office Tool

The number one office app for an android tablet- or any other device perhaps, has to be the Microsoft Office program.

How’s this different from the Microsoft Office apps on your smartphone?

Using Microsoft excel, word, or PowerPoint on a smartphone can be frustrating due to the screen size. Most people avoid using Microsoft office programs on phone screens. Instead, people prefer their desks and use their desktop computers or laptops for even minor edits.

Thanks to Android tablets, there is no need to return to your office desk for minor edits, and work can be done on the go, anywhere you are. The wide dimensions of android tablets allow users to navigate more freely and efficiently use these office apps without the layout getting cramped.

The menu bar in Microsoft office for android tablets is the same as the one desktop apps, which means it’s easier to get around and user-friendly.

Almost all professional fields require some work to be done on one of Microsoft Office apps, be it Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Hence, this one’s a must-have for all tablet users.

OfficeSuite – Keep all your Microsoft Apps in One Place

OfficeSuite is one of the top apps androids has to offer. It is the best pick for workplace productivity. It combines all features to edit or create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and allow users to edit PDFs.

With OfficeSuite’s cross-platform compatibility, you can easily link your work from your tablet to any other android device or Windows PC without a hassle. It also offers 15 GB of storage on its drive. It offers an even more advanced formatting control and helps you organize all your work in the same place.

Steer Clear of Clutter with Files by Google

All modern device users dread the full storage notification. That’s why tablets need a program that helps users maximize storage.

Every office needs a manager for quality control and management. Files by Google does exactly that, but for the files on your tablet. As a good manager, this app will maximize your storage by removing all junk files and apps not used anymore and allows users to freely transfer files from one device to another.

The app uses hotspot to allow users to send files with nearby devices, sorta like AirDrop, one could say. This way, you can edit files on your android tablet and easily send them back to your laptop or perhaps your boss’s laptop if need be.

AirDroid for Your Android Tablet 

Airdroid is another app that gives android tablet users remote access to files. Files, pictures, videos can easily be sent from your android phone to tablet without the need to connect the devices to a laptop through a USB cable. It also mimics the ‘The Find My iPhone’ app as it will locate your android devices in case you lose them.

BlueMail – Manage your email to increase productivity 

This user-friendly app can help solve one of the biggest problems’ professionals face: email clutter. Moving from one app to another the entire day, checking for emails can be annoying. This app can group all your emails, making it easy to access your inbox.

If you have multiple email accounts, you can organize your personal, professional, family in a unified inbox to gain access to all of them in one instance instead of jumping between apps. You also end up saving a lot of space on your device as you do not need to download individual email apps if you have the BlueMail.

You can also focus on emails sent from people only and avoid distracting spam emails while you’re working on your android tablet, making it one of the best office program for android tablet.

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