live streaming is gaining popularity

Live streaming commerce has enabled the viewers to interact and then purchase products from one immersive experience. With growing years, the live stream videos have gained quite some momentum and making them one of the most liked video forms of all time. Live streaming mainly rose into popularity after this pandemic hits businesses hard as companies and individuals have to digitalize their business overnight.

The latest Magento innovation is LiveStream Commerce, which is innovated by CedCommerce. It enhances a live-stream video for the immersive commerce experience. It is crafted using the AWS and Magento technology, and this innovation augments some of the live stream videos. It does that by enabling the viewers to see some extra information on the items as shown during streaming for completing checking out while interacting with the influencer directly for covering that best experience. 

Why care about live streaming:

One of the major reasons why live streaming is gaining popularity is because of the huge user base and the growing popularity. The potential for reaching thousands of new customers with the click of a button is now becoming a huge reality.

  • When some of the tactics like content marketing and SEO are taking up money and time, you need to have one new outlet for driving traffic. 
  • Using the live streaming platforms will be one freeway to drive some major revenues for your business. Just a few years back in 2016, this live streaming session was around a $30 billion industry, and it was just the starting point of it!
  • In 2021, it has been projected to grow to over $70 billion in industry, and that’s where live streaming is going. It is on the rise and will continue to grow every day. 
  • Apart from the statistics mentioned already, around 81% of the internet users have viewed more live streams in 2016 than they did the previous year. So many social media platforms are using the power of Magento eCommerce web development for integrating live streaming, just to reach out to their customers easily.

People of all ages are now hooked up to the attractiveness of live streaming videos. Around 63% of people within the age group of 18 to 34 are currently watching live streaming content on a regular basis. Even the older markets, like within the age group of 35 to 54, are creating their own live-streaming videos nowadays. Some of the most promising platforms using live streaming values are YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook Live, to say the least.

Now to create the perfect live streaming sessions:

It is mandatory for you to learn more about the talents that your business needs to create live streaming videos for prospective customers to enjoy. Having a social media manager will be the starting point, but you need something more for the marketing team to produce engaging and quality content that your audience demands. Instead, your company’s digital marketing team has to expand its knowledge under the following roles:

  • Video researcher:

Those who are playing this role are held responsible for researching the trendy video topics and then focus on the best practices whenever they are involved in video content. They will pitch a bulk of ideas for the video content and are completely relied upon to ensure video content remains updated and relevant. They are also asked to utilize multiple technologies for tracking and identifying successful video content and using that data for elevating video content production deliverables.

  • Director of Multimedia:

This is one important role, which is crucial for ensuring that all the video content is on brand and aligning well with the digital marketing strategy, and it should meet deadlines. The professionals are held responsible for establishing presentations and multimedia to cover business standards. They are also asked to develop and guide visual content-based production strategies and supervising employees that will deal with image, video, and audio content production directly. They are even held responsible sometimes for not just tracking but also evaluating the multimedia performance like making needful adjustments and live streaming contents.

  • Video content producer:

Those who are playing the role of video content producer have to develop an effective strategy for the video content to cover all social media platforms. They have to cover the video content right from the start till the end for multiple social channels. They will be held responsible for writing, shooting, and editing all types of video content and working to produce engaging and highly shareable content that the consumers want using various tools and technologies. Video content producer will be responsible for creating and producing content for covering live streaming efforts.

Perfect for creating huge engagement:

Live video accounts for around 50% of all mobile traffic. As per some of the available statistics, live video is quite an engaging form of the online content of the modern world. Brands, which are not utilizing the power of live broadcast as part of marketing strategy, are losing out on great opportunities to engage with fans, customers, and followers. 

The current nature of the live video is way more engaging and personal than other media forms like on-demand video or pictures. The live stream always happens in real-time, which will utilize the power of FOMO in people. This step, in return, helps in creating more engagement.

The perfect way to humanize brands too:

Live streams will always act as that much-needed window to make the brand more humanized. By letting followers take a peek behind the scene and interacting with them in real-time, the live stream will make the brands feel more humanized. The services associated with the live webcasting firm will definitely help out a brand to craft the live streaming strategy in a more real and personalized manner.

Get help from professionals:

So, without wasting time, catching up with experts who are ready to help you use the power of live streaming to the fullest for making your brand stands out in the crowd. With few tweaks here and there, you can take complete advantage of live streaming and see your brand grow to a new level.

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